Live Review: Park Snakes @ Pie Shop — 1/3/20

Park Snakes rock Pie Shop on Jan. 3, 2020. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Ever wonder what it might have been like to catch the ascension New York post-punk bands in the early to mid ’80s? Well, wonder no more. Get yourself to a show by DC’s own Park Snakes to experience the thrill of what it must have been like to see breakout bands performing at places like CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City.

The trio reminded DC of its bonafides at Pie Shop recently in a robust show that kept the crowded room dancing.

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Vote: What Is the Best in DC for 2018?

Wood Thrush
A wood thrush! (Photo by Trish Gussler)

Parklife DC will honor DC bands and venues with our inaugural awards program, named for our new mascot, DC’s own state bird — the Wood Thrush. Our Thrushie Awards are inspired by our mission to review live music concerts.

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Poll: Who Is the Best Local Band in DC?

Welcome to the 2018 Thrushie Awards! Parklife DC will name the best local band of the year with your input. Vote for the best DC band now through Dec. 1.

Now, we fully realize that there will be a lot of strong opinions about our list, and we readily confess that we could review even more local bands next year. But for now, our poll is limited to bands reviewed by Parklife DC in the last year. As this is our inaugural year for the Thrushie Awards, we sought to keep this list short.

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Music Park: Park Snakes @ Rock and Roll Hotel — 6/30/18

Park Snakes perform at Rock and Roll Hotel on June 30, 2018.

Singing the title track of debut full-length album Silk, Nenet of Park Snakes strutted about the stage, declaring that she wants everything while seeming terribly indifferent to actually receiving it.

The song immediately cut to the quick of late ‘70s bands with similarly disaffected frontwomen like Debbie Harry, Debora Iyall, and Deborah Evans-Stickland. And so, Park Snakes appealed to an attentive crowd at Rock and Roll Hotel Saturday in a show opening Paperhaus.

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