Snapshots: Desdemonas @ Black Cat — 5/25/16

Desdemonas03 Jacky Majic and Mark Cisneros of the Desdemonas at the Black Cat on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

Paul Vivari knows a thing or two about music, and he is well known around town as DJ Soul Call Paul. Paul’s intense interest in soul and jazz led him to curate one of the most celebrated jukeboxes in the city — at his own Showtime, a young DC bar that received recognition only last week as one of the “best bars in America” by Esquire in part due to the strength of that jukebox.

But the punk spirit of DC is strong, and so Paul has been a player in a new punk band called the Desdemonas, who played their most recent gig at the Black Cat on Wednesday, May 25, 2016, as openers for The Effects. A lot of people turned up to see the Desdemonas, and the backstage at the Cat got pretty full!

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