Live Review: The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula @ Rams Head Live — 5/23/22

The Boulet Brothers present their Dragula project at Rams Head Live on May 23, 2022. (Photo by Katherine Gaines /

A monster of a tour stopped in Baltimore recently at Rams Head Live! Unlike some drag franchises, The Boulet Brothers themselves went on tour with their season 4 Dragula cast. Not only do they host, and give us a taste of their podcast (“Creatures of the Night”) but they perform two stunning drag numbers. Here are some photos of the night!

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Live Review: Soccer Mommy @ Rams Head Live — 3/23/22

Soccer Mommy - Ram’s Head Live Baltimore - 03.23.22 Casey Vock 12
Sophia Regina Allison leads Soccer Mommy in a performance at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on March 23, 2022. (Photo by Casey Vock)

Growing up in one of this country’s hotbeds of music and culture with a guitar in hand would seem a natural pathway for a young artist to chart their own course and some day, maybe earlier than might be expected, advance their sounds to the right kind of listeners.

Sophia Regina Allison was just a little kid when she began playing music, having relocated to Nashville of all places after being born thousands of miles away in Switzerland. A story that almost reads as storybook but yet is so freakishly modern, Allison would go on to study guitar as a student at the Nashville School of the Arts and not long after she graduated was recording music that she’d post to Bandcamp under the artist name Soccer Mommy.

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Live Review: Yungblud @ Rams Head Live! — 2/15/22

Yungblud performs at Rams Head Live on Feb. 15, 2022. (Photos by Rashad Polk)

“We want Dom! We want Dom!” The chants for Dominic Harrison, performing as Yungblud, echoed throughout Rams Head Live recently as the house lights went down and he prepared to take the stage. Despite the show being his first time performing in Baltimore, the suspense had been building for years. Yungblud has a handful of shows in DC under his belt, but the closest to Charm City he’d come has been performing on the 2018 Warped Tour at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, where he not only blew minds with his own set, but also joined Canadian pop-punkers Simple Plan on stage to lend vocals on their hit “Just A Kid.”

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Live Review: Gogol Bordello @ Rams Head Live! — 12/31/21


Gogol Bordello perform at Rams Head Live! on Dec. 31, 2021. (Photo by Rashad Polk)

It can sometimes be a struggle to decide on what to do for New Years Eve. Many people choose the ring in the new year in a variety of ways. In the DMV there’s no shortage when it comes to venues for the most common styles of New Year’s celebrations – places of worship, raucous parties, or gathering to take in live music. At a Gogol Bordello show music is religion, their live show is always a party, and Rams Head Live was understandably the ideal place to welcome the magnificent year of 2022.

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Live Review: Pinegrove @ Rams Head Live — 10/19/21

Pinegrove - Ram’s Head Live Baltimore - 10.19.21 CVock 20
Evan Stephens Hall leads Pinegrove during a performance at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on Oct. 19, 2021. (Photo by Casey Vock)

This country can be an unforgiving place to those in entertainment who makes mistakes, especially errors that anyone with common decency would agree are significant and alarming.

But America, as we have seen throughout history and in recent times, can also provide artists the opportunity to redeem and reinvent themselves if there is still enough support for their craft and what they originally set out to do.

That might be the easiest way for an outsider to rationalize or make sense of Pinegrove, a band originally from Montclair, New Jersey, that played to a packed house at Rams Head Live in Baltimore recently — but a band that saw its rise to fame derailed several years ago by what were and still should be considered serious accusations of sexual coercion against lead singer and guitarist Evan Stephens Hall.

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Live Review: Drive-By Truckers @ Rams Head Live! — 8/27/21

Drive-By Truckers blowing the doors off Rams Head Live Friday, Aug. 27, 2021. (Photo by David LaMason)

Drive-By Truckers pulled into Baltimore recently to rattle the rust off the walls at Rams Head Live on the second date of a tour that was only wishful thinking just a year ago.

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Stars and Bars: Welcome to Rams Head Live!

RamsHead4Rams Head Live (Photo by David LaMason)

Rams Head Live! has been around since 2004, but it feels like it’s been around for much longer. Since the closing of Hammerjacks the first time in 1997, there have been few places in Baltimore with the capacity of Rams Head that brings in some big (and future big) names in music with acts like the Beastie Boys, Lizzo, Jay-Z, and the Black Keys.

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Snapshots: The Wood Brothers @ Rams Head Live — 1/29/20

The Wood Brothers perform at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Jan. 29, 2020. (Photo by Ari Strauss)

The Wood Brothers kicked off the first leg of their Kingdom in My Mind tour recently with a solid performance at Baltimore’s Rams Head Live. The Jan. 29 show came on the heals of the trio’s newest album release, Kingdom in My Mind, which dropped on Jan. 24, via Honey Jar/Thirty Tigers.

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