Snapshots: Rasputina @ Howard Theatre — 12/17/16

Rasputina @ Howard Theatre, Washington DC 12/17/2016 Rasputina performs at the Howard Theatre on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016. (Photo by Paivi)

Twenty years ago, Melora Creager introduced the world to an unusual genre of music — cello rock — with her band Rasputina.

The band released its debut album Thanks for the Ether via Columbia Records in 1996, and now Melora and company undertook a 20th anniversary tour of the album with a stop at the Howard Theatre in DC on Saturday, Dec. 17.

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Rasputina (Photo courtesy Howard Theatre)

Melora Creager already fronts an unusual band with Rasputina, which she founded in 1992. Originally composed of all women, Rasputina became one of the leading American cello rock bands.

Yes, Melora, an accomplished cellist who performed on tour with Nirvana, fulfilled the demands of her muse by creating a cello rock band that it as turns personal, humorous, insightful, and melodic. In 2015, Rasputina published their latest album, Unknown. The album was inspired by a personal struggle of Melora with identity theft, and she was supported by a new lineup including pianist and beatboxer Luis Mojica and cellist and vocalist Carpella Parvo (who also appeared on Rasputina’s first album, Thanks for the Ether).

Rasputina have hit the road again in support of their new album, and the band visits the Howard Theatre on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016.

Watch a performance of “Indian Weed” from Unknown by Rasputina for Sonarch Media on Dec. 17, 2015:


As you can see from the video, Rasputina enjoy elaborate costumes as much as they do intricate music. With their focus on their physical presence, the band in a way continue to emphasize what’s real, something Melora points to in the inspiration for the new album. Unknown isn’t available digitally in part because she wants people to handle it physically, and she rejected the idea of putting it on the cloud, where it too could perhaps be hacked.

Be there! Tickets are available online.

w/ Eliza Rickman, Aubreylyn
Howard Theatre
Saturday, Dec. 17
Doors @6pm
All ages