Music Park: Golden Bloom @ Sehkraft Brewing — 1/28/16

golden bloom 2 photo by matt cosby Golden Bloom (Photo Credit: Matt Cosby)

Shawn Fogel, lead singer of Golden Bloom, confided, “I like this campfire vibe we have, with that raging fire outside.”

Golden Bloom played their album release show at Sehkraft Brewing (in Arlington). A small, but decent crowd circled around the stage at tables as the band performed a mix of new and older songs. Outside in the patio area, there was indeed a bonfire going. Unfortunately, due to the extreme post-Snowzilla cold and snow, you could only dream of sitting next to it.

Golden Bloom’s second full-length album, Searching For Sunlight, is full of songs about searching for love, with breezy pop and folk arrangements. The album was officially released on January 29th (the day after the show), but they did have a few copies on sale for anyone that couldn’t wait.

“Searching for Sunlight”, the title track, is an up-tempo, toe-tapping journey to find the light, in the form of love.

“Books You Never Read” is a slow-building, almost James Taylor-esque, song that wants you to reflect on what you have and not what you might be missing.

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Don’t Miss: Golden Bloom @ Sehkraft Brewing, 1/28/16

golden bloom 2 photo by matt cosby
Golden Bloom (Photo by Matt Cosby)

I dropped by Sehkraft Brewing (925 N. Garfield St., Arlington, Va.) recently at the invitation of Michael Scruggs, co-owner and well-regarded DJ about town. This cozy new space in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington offers a tempting array of beer and some terrifically high-quality food. They will begin offering their own microbrews very soon.

Even more compelling: Sehkraft has a small yet admirable stage in the center of the restaurant, separating the bar area from the dining room. And it’s stood up a rather full performance schedule to keep that stage busy.

One concert coming to Sehkraft in the near future is folkpop quartet Golden Bloom, which is visiting on Thursday, Jan. 28, the day before their new record drops. The band consists of Shawn Fogel (vocals, guitars), Josh Cohen (guitars, keys, vocals), Matt Girard (bass, trumpet, vocals), and Justin Hoffman (drums), and the album is titled, Searching for Sunlight, to be released by Rhyme and Reason Records.

The band’s bright music caught the attention of Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, who so admires the band that he lent his backing vocals to their single “Want Love.”

Watch Golden Bloom perform for a One on One Session at City Winery New York on Sept. 10, 2015, including songs “Fall Out of Line” and “Want Love”:


DC American collective The NRIs open for Golden Bloom. Tickets are available at the door. But maybe I’ll see you at Sehkraft for a beer sometime before that date?

Golden Bloom
w/ The NRIs
Sehkraft Brewing
Thursday, Jan. 28
Show @830pm
All ages