Home Live Review Music Park: Golden Bloom @ Sehkraft Brewing — 1/28/16

Music Park: Golden Bloom @ Sehkraft Brewing — 1/28/16

Music Park: Golden Bloom @ Sehkraft Brewing — 1/28/16

golden bloom 2 photo by matt cosby Golden Bloom (Photo Credit: Matt Cosby)

Shawn Fogel, lead singer of Golden Bloom, confided, “I like this campfire vibe we have, with that raging fire outside.”

Golden Bloom played their album release show at Sehkraft Brewing (in Arlington). A small, but decent crowd circled around the stage at tables as the band performed a mix of new and older songs. Outside in the patio area, there was indeed a bonfire going. Unfortunately, due to the extreme post-Snowzilla cold and snow, you could only dream of sitting next to it.

Golden Bloom’s second full-length album, Searching For Sunlight, is full of songs about searching for love, with breezy pop and folk arrangements. The album was officially released on January 29th (the day after the show), but they did have a few copies on sale for anyone that couldn’t wait.

“Searching for Sunlight”, the title track, is an up-tempo, toe-tapping journey to find the light, in the form of love.

“Books You Never Read” is a slow-building, almost James Taylor-esque, song that wants you to reflect on what you have and not what you might be missing.

In addition to Shawn Fogel, other Golden Bloom members are Josh Cohen, Jeff Pattingrao and Justin Hofmann. Shawn started solo in 2009, before the other band members joined in 2013.

“Come Back Home” is an anthem about being in motion, in a constant state of leaving home and returning. The song video is notable in that the band doesn’t appear at all. The lyrics appear in stop-motion on everyday household items.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Lalrcmeyk]

Side Note: In addition to the show, I was looking forward to checking out Sehkraft Brewing’s beer offerings. Unfortunately, they have not started to brew their own beer yet (some licensing issues, one server mentioned), but the space is big and configured appropriately for three things; a dining room, a stage area for live performances like Golden Bloom and, of course, a bar overlooking their production area.

Buy Golden Bloom’s new album, Searching for Sunlight, on iTunes here. It’s eight songs for $5.99. Give it some time in the sunlight.

Golden Bloom - Searching for Sunlight


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