Preview: Breakin’ Even Fest @ Pie Shop, 4/26-4/28/19


Members of the DC punk band American Television started Breakin’ Even Fest in 2016. The fourth edition of the annual rock festival is now right around the corner at The Pie Shop in DC on Friday, April 26 to Sunday, April. 28, with headliners Worriers, Kali Masi, and Worlds Scariest Police Chases.

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Don’t Miss: Mikey Erg (Opening for Hemlines) @ DC9, 6/26/16

Mikey Erg (Photo by Toni Skotcher)

Mikey Erg is a punk-rocker from New Jersey who plays some furious guitar!

And the prolific punk released his debut album recently — Tentative Decisions via Don Giovanni Records. He did so after performing with a mess of other bands, including The Ergs!.

On the second and latest single from the album, Mikey spits about lost love in a track called “Apart Time.”

Listen to the audio for “Apart Time” by Mikey Erg on YouTube:

The first track from Tentative Decisions was the mocking, clever “Comme Si About Me,” a play on words referencing the French phrase for “like this.” I’m going to be bold and say that Mikey sounds a bit like a very young (angry) Elvis Costello on the track (and he strikes a similar figure with his lanky frame and glasses). Mikey is touring to support the album, and he comes to DC9 on Sunday, June 26, filling out a big bill as an opening act for Hemlines.

Remember how we said Mikey is prolific? Well, Mikey is also the drummer for Worriers, a post-punk band fronted by Lauren Denitzio, and Worriers also are opening for Hemlines. Worriers released a new record Imaginary Life last year via Don Giovanni.

Tickets are available online.

Mikey Erg
(Opening for Hemlines)
Sunday, June 26
Doors @7:30pm
All ages