Music Park: Foals @ Echostage — 11/3/16

Foals, Bear Hands, & Kiev at Echostage, Washington, D.C. 11/3/16
Yannis Philippakis of Foals performs at Echostage on Nov. 3, 2016. (Photo by Theresa Sanchez)

“It’s been awhile since we played in D.C. I think, so ah, I remember the first time we played here we played to basically like to the equivalent of this nugget of people right here [points to the crowd packed in front of the stage]. Thank you so much for following the band and coming out,” said Yannis Philippakis.

If the aforementioned lead singer of Foals could stand still, would the music sound just as good? Probably. But that’s not the point of a live show. You can listen to their music on iTunes, YouTube, satellite radio, or any streaming service and you’d never come close to experiencing the way the music literally jumps off the stage and encompasses your entire being.

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Don’t Miss: Foals @ Echostage, 11/3/16

Foals (Photo by Neil Krug)

The last time Foals rolled through DC, they played to an extremely packed house at Lincoln Theatre less than a year ago.

After that show, I wrote, “With their new material, the Foals have shook off some of their punk leanings toward shorter, louder songs in favor of psych’s longer, jammier numbers. As it’s been a slow transition into such performances anyway, the transformation sits upon their shoulders pretty well. Yannis [Philippakis] is a confident frontman, and even in a seated venue like the Lincoln, people seemed drawn to him, magnetically pointed to true north like compasses in their seats.”

This time, Foals are giving us the opportunity to abandon all seats and dance across Echostage as they perform there on Thursday, Nov. 3.

Watch the official music video for “Birch Tree” by Foals on YouTube:


Foals offered up “Birch Tree” in January after the release of their fourth studio album, What Went Down, in August 2015. The band have been touring the world relentlessly since dropping the new album, and they are on track to wrap it all up in the United States with a Nov. 9 date in Chicago.

This is a great opportunity to catch Foals before they undoubtedly take some time off the road to work on their next album! Brooklyn post-punkers Bear Hands and California experimental rockers Kiev open for Foals.

Tickets are available online!

w/ Bear Hands and Kiev
Thursday, Nov. 3
Doors @7pm
All ages