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Stars and Bars: Back in Business @ Quarry House Tavern, 4/20/15



Late at night on March 18, the Bombay Gaylord Indian restaurant (8401 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Md.) caught on fire, and the resulting conflagration damaged the long-standing pub beneath it.

Now the Quarry House Tavern has temporarily relocated after being closed for the ensuing weeks. It’s new location (8402 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Md.) is directly across the street from its old location. The Quarry House Tavern is temporarily occupying the space that once belonged to Piratz Tavern, which closed April 4 after struggling to stay in business for quite a few years.

The Quarry House Tavern relaunches operations today, Monday, April 20, with its regular half-price burger night. The tavern made the announcement on Facebook this afternoon:

“The rumors are true, we took over the old Piratz space as a temporary home. Join us tonight for friends and family (that’s you) at Quarry House Temporary. Opening doors around 6 ish. (Mostly) half priced burger night. Beer & whiskey list a work in progress. We can’t wait to see you. Come if you can and spread the word (Tonight is CASH only, no cc’s yet). Love, QHT.”

No word yet on the outlook for restoring and reopening the former basement location, beloved by many, but at least the #1 dive bar in Silver Spring is back in business in some form!

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