Home Live Review Music Park: Mourn @ DC9 — 7/13/15

Music Park: Mourn @ DC9 — 7/13/15

Music Park: Mourn @ DC9 — 7/13/15

Mourn (Photo courtesy Captured Tracks)

Yes, Mourn are very young.

Much already has been made of the fact that three members of the alt-rock band from Barcelona are only 18 years old. The fourth member? Only 15 years old.

But their capabilities defy their age when they take the stage, as they did for a half-full room at DC9 on Monday night. Vocalists Carla Pérez Fas and Jazz Rodríguez Bueno front the band with guitars, and it’s said they take inspiration from PJ Harvey and Patti Smith. But to listen to the resplendent sound of their playing, you might believe them to be the progeny of the New York City 70s punk sound pioneered by Television.

Mourn also enjoy songs that are direct and to the point, meaning they often clock in at under 3 minutes. They are touring in support of their self-titled debut album, which contains the single “Gertrudis, Get Through This!” Mourn released the official video for “Gertrudis” yesterday, and it features a black and white video of the band in performance.

Watch “Gertrudis, Get Through This!” on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GV4uM0sJuo]

As “Gertrudis” would suggest, the band is fond of declarative songs that urge the listener to do something. And these songs often have a bit of a European flair, flavored by the adorable Spanish accents of the young ladies.

Early in the set, Mourn perform “Marshall,” which tells the subject of the song that there is “no time” and he should “Shut up, Marshall!” The shout-out line of the chorus is another trademark of Mourn’s first song, adding a irreverant punk spirit to the proceedings.

A next song, Philiphius, is dedicated to “a painter who doesn’t exist.” Indeed, an earlier version of the song was titled “Philiphius Van Mousky (1805-1857)” in celebration of the fictitious painter and poet, and it too dispenses some punk rock advice: “Crying is all right.”

The official video for “Otitis,” depicting another performance by the band, gives you a good feel for how the ladies play their guitars, as well as the bass chops of the youngest member, Jazz’s sister Leia Rodríguez Bueno. I can’t help but thinking that these girls are going to eat other bands alive in six or seven years’ time.

Watch the video for “Otitis”:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F2Ba4YVx6U]

Drummer Antonio Postius shines on fast-paced tracks like “Misery Factory,” punk rocket that pairs snappy vocals with rollicking rhythms. He brings good balance and a steady hand to the frenetic activities of the band’s guitarists.

Mourn performed at DC9 as part of a 10-date tour that takes them to Cleveland tomorrow and onto the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago on Sunday. After a few other dates, they wrap up with a performance at Rough Trade NYC on Wednesday, July 22.

The band is an interesting project, and well worth checking out if they perform near you. They are a wholly European take on their genre, which makes them quite interesting particularly coupled with their youth.


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