Around Town: Celebrate National Park Week @ Shenandoah, 4/16-4/24/16

Rock Creek ParkRock Creek Park is free this week! Oh wait…

All week (April 16-24) is National Park Week! You can get into any National Park for free.

Time to put your hiking boots and backpack in the car and head over to Shenandoah National Park this weekend (April 23-24).

You can also just stay local and use the already free parks or in the city or nearby. Rock Creek Park is a great hiking or biking destination, if you’ve forgotten.

Check out any of National Park Service managed sites in:


The overall National Park Service system has 409 designated ‘units’. 59 of those get designated as ‘National Parks’ and those usually cost money to get into. But not this week. See the complete list of all ‘units’ in the USA.


In the Top 10 of most visited ‘units’ in the country, we have three (all free), as follows:

#4 Lincoln Memorial
#6 George Washington Memorial Parkway
#9 Viet Nam Veterans Memorial



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