Around Town: Craft Beer Cellar Coming to DC @ H Street NE

Craft Beer CellarBeer is coming to H Street NE!

Update (7/26/16): The store on H Street will have it’s grand opening on August 6th from 10am to 10pm. There will be on-site tastings by DC Brau, Union Craft Brewing and Adroit Theory. Plus the first 50 customers will receive giveaways.


We like beer. And we like when new spaces open in DC to offer us even more beer.

Craft Beer Cellar is opening a new location on H Street (301 H St NE, Ste A). The chain, a brick and mortar beer delivery system, opened their first store five years ago, and are expanding rapidly across the country.

There are over 4,400 breweries in the US now, and the numbers just keep growing. There will be no dearth of beers to sell, now let’s hope the prices stay reasonable. Say no to DC beer prices!

Target date for opening is early to mid-July!

The new building is complete. The DCRA has approved their plans. Now they can work on the interior. The sign is beckoning. Now we wait…

The DC store is active on Twitter: @cbc_dc

Craft Beer Cellar


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