Don’t Miss: Ladyhawke @ U Street Music Hall, 6/25/16

Ladyhawke - Wild ThingsLadyhawke (Courtesy of Girlie Action Media)

Ladyhawke (Pip Brown) comes to DC on June 25th, gracing those looking to dance at U Street Music Hall with her new indie pop songs from Wild Things.

Her third album, Wild Things, is set to be released on June 3rd via Polyvinyl Records. Find it here.

“Let It Roll” and “A Love Story” are dance-worthy, energetic songs that bode well for her return.


Born in New Zealand, she performed in a couple of bands early in her career before going solo in 2007. Her first album, Ladyhawke, brims with catchy synthpop songs like, “Paris is Burning”, “My Delirium” and “Magic”.

I’ve seen Ladyhawke twice now in DC as she toured for her previous albums (2009 and 2012), so I’m looking forward to seeing her again with a new set of songs. Roughly every four years…she’s due.

Come and get dancing!

w/ Psychic Twin
U Street Music Hall
Saturday, June 25
Doors 7:00pm
All ages

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