Home Live Review Music Park: Cardiac @ Ram’s Head On Stage (Annapolis, Md.) — 8/23/16

Music Park: Cardiac @ Ram’s Head On Stage (Annapolis, Md.) — 8/23/16

Music Park: Cardiac @ Ram’s Head On Stage (Annapolis, Md.) — 8/23/16

Cardiac 01 David Jonathan DiSarro sings at Ram’s Head on Stage in Annapolis, Md., on August 23, 2016.

Rock trio Cardiac recently were sitting around with the Bangles, discussing music they loved, and an idea took root.

“Susanna [Hoffs] suggested that we cover The Rolling Stones,” vocalist David Jonathon DiSarro told his audience at Ram’s Head On Stage in Annapolis Tuesday. “So here’s our cover of ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash.'”

Joined by the Bangles’ touring bassist, Cardiac ripped through a fun cover version of the famous blues number, delighting the sold-out room with the familiar tune while also giving some insight into the band’s own inner workings. Opening for the Bangles on the girl group’s tour, Cardiac continued to hold the attention of the room with classic rock and roll delivered by David’s heartfelt voice. He’s capably complemented by soaring guitar by Jarod Woznik and rolling drums from Don Bish.

From their opening number “Another Hero Dies,” the band show their energy, pouring themselves soulfully into every song. In “Another Hero Dies,” Dave sings a cautionary tale of hoping for too much. And when Dave sings, he does so with passion and conviction, putting his whole body into his words as he reels with his microphone or races across the stage. He’s a bit of a showman!

In another personable story, Dave tells how the band were excited to have a video for their single “Breathe” on MTV. Except given that MTV hasn’t truly played videos regularly for a long time, it would air at 5am when no one could actually see it. “We assume it was there, but we don’t really know,” he quipped.

The song is an uplifting song of hope, characterized by some of Don’s smart percussion. Watch the official music video for “Breathe” by Cardiac on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oqWz3VEDqc]

In the latter half of the show, Dave reveals the band have been working on a rock opera, titled “Destroy and Rebuild,” which they hope to debut in their hometown of Los Angeles sometime next year. The saga of the upcoming rock opera centers on a tale of getting to the point where the hero feels he cannot go on any longer but rediscovers a love for life that rekindles his passions.

It’s a very theatrical number, and that rock opera should prove quite an attention-grabber if the rest of the songs are as intense. The concept of a rock opera actually seems to fit Cardiac quite well as the band seem quite fond of theatrical flourishes in each of their songs. You can tell they love what they do, and that positive energy translates into a good feeling among their audience.

In the meantime, show up early to see Cardiac open for the Bangles as they continue their tour tonight in Ridgefield, Connecticut. They have a few more shows remaining in New York City tomorrow and Newton, New Jersey Sunday. Then Cardiac return to Los Angeles to play at the legendary Viper Room on Sept. 21.

Here are some pictures of Cardiac performing at Ram’s Head On Stage in Annapolis, Md., on August 23, 2016.

Cardiac 02

Cardiac 03 Cardiac 04

Cardiac 05 Cardiac 06

Cardiac 07 Cardiac 08

Cardiac 09 Cardiac 10

Cardiac 11


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