Home Live Review Don’t Miss: Lush @ 9:30 Club, 9/21/16

Don’t Miss: Lush @ 9:30 Club, 9/21/16

Don’t Miss: Lush @ 9:30 Club, 9/21/16

Lush (Photo courtesy the band)

Inspired by a specific pal who’s quite a music fanatic, when discussing bands, some friends will occasionally quip, “Yeah, but are they worthy of 4AD?” – referring of course to the legendary UK record label. (It’s maybe the music nerd equivalent of “Do you even lift, bro?”)

A band clearly worthy of 4AD is shoegazing quartet Lush, who released their three full-length albums, beginning with Spooky, in the ’90s in the label’s heydey. And now the seminal shoegazers have reunited 20 years after their last studio recording, and they return with new music!

In April, Lush released the Blind Spot EP via their own Edamame label, and they have set about a world tour that brings them to the 9:30 Club on Wednesday, Sept. 21. (Lush last played the 9:30 Club almost exactly 20 years ago on August 30, 1996! See the setlist.)

How wonderful is it to hear vocalists and guitarists Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson sing and play a new tune? Watch the official music video for “Out of Control” by Lush on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD4O20ePnXo]

Miki and Emma of course are joined by bassist Phil King. And admirers of Lush will recall the band dissolved upon the death of original drummer Chris Acland. To fill in for the irreplaceable Chris, Lush have recruited Justin Welch, an old friend who drummed for Spitfire and then Elastica.

New Zealand dream pop singer Tamaryn opens for Lush. Tickets are available online.

w/ Tamaryn
9:30 Club
Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016
Doors @7pm
All ages


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