Home Live Review Music Park: Muuy Biien @ DC9 — 8/29/16

Music Park: Muuy Biien @ DC9 — 8/29/16

Music Park: Muuy Biien @ DC9 — 8/29/16

Muuy Biien 18 Joshua Evans of Muuy Biien snarls at DC9 on Monday, August 29, 2016.

Joshua Evans, vocalist of Muuy Biien hailing from Athens, Georgia, likes to prowl the stage. At DC9 on Monday night, he first appeared bored, bouncing a tambourine off his hip. But as the show progressed, Joshua became increasingly a creature of his music.

That music is largely composed of sleazy beats that Muuy Biien like to churn slowly or thrash kinetically as they pound out material like the news songs from their upcoming album, Age of Uncertainty. The full-length, their third, is due out on Oct. 28 via Autumn Tone.

Josh struts along to his music, his four bandmates stoically playing behind him, and he strikes a monstrous pose or screeches into his microphone. At odd intervals, he opens his mouth wide and sticks out his tongue in a manner that is purposefully disconcerting.

Last week, Muuy Biien released the first single from the upcoming album, “Another Chore,” which reflects their love of The Birthday Party, the ’70s Australian post-punk band once headed up by Nick Cave. There are a lot of similarities in the music, although Josh often looks and feels a lot more like an Ian Curtis than he does a Nick Cave. (I realize this is an overused statement, but my friends and I were struck by the comparison when Josh paced onto the stage from the first moment.)

Josh gave insights into the band’s attitude when discussing the new song in a press release, saying, “Another Chore is a song about annoying, unambitious people. Robbie and I tracked the song at our house in Athens in less than an hour with no preconceptions, or prospects for that matter. We chose to shoot the video while on tour in New York City with our friend Jorge Torres-Torres. This allowed us to approach the video in a stream of conscious fashion, similar to the song.”

Watch the official music video for “Another Chore” by Muuy Biien on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ_mWxlwlYA]

The Robbie in question is guitarist Robbie Rapp, who seems to share a like mind with Josh. They are joined by guitarist Xander Witt, drummer Jacob Lake, and bassist Parks Miller.

In performance with other new songs like “Moral Compass” and “Mara,” Muuy Biien really impress you as a post-hardcore band. While Josh remains strident, however, the others seem like craftsmen with their focus on their intricately arranged music on the small stage at DC9. I saw them opening for surf punk duo Hockey Dad, and they certainly added some contrast to that bill and Hockey Dad’s sunny melodies. It’s well worth your time to get to the show early tonight at Rough Trade in Brooklyn to catch Muuy Biien.

The tour with Hockey Dad wraps up tonight and Muuy Biien continue touring to promote their new stuff tomorrow with a show at Hardywood Park Brewery in Richmond, Virginia, and another show in Snug Harbor, North Carolina, on Saturday. Muuy Biien intend to be on the road a lot this year and next, so look for dates near you soon.

Here are some pictures of Muuy Biien performing at DC9 on Monday, August 29, 2016.

Muuy Biien 01

Muuy Biien 02 Muuy Biien 04

Muuy Biien 05 Muuy Biien 06

Muuy Biien 07 Muuy Biien 09

Muuy Biien 10 Muuy Biien 12

Muuy Biien 14 Muuy Biien 15

Muuy Biien 17 Muuy Biien 19


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