Don’t Miss: Falty & the Defects @ Chevy Chase Ballroom, 1/30/17

Falty & the Defects (Photo by J.S. Almonte)

If you like old-fashioned jazz and blues, you should turn up at Chevy Chase Ballroom on Monday, Jan. 30 for Falty & the Defects.

Falty & the Defects, based in Baltimore, pride themselves on their ability to get people dancing! “We have an infectious energy that spreads from the stage to the audience from the first downbeat. We are first and foremost a dance band, but listening audiences will be drawn in by our instrumentation, dynamics, and musicality,” says the band.

Listen to “When I Get Low I Get High” (originally by Ella Fitzgerald) and other tunes by Falty & the Defects on Soundcloud:

Mike Faltasek (aka Falty) sings as well as accompanies and solos on guitar and banjo. He cites a range of influences from guitarists like Eddie Lang, Lonnie Johnson, Teddy Bunn, and Django Reinhardt to choral works by Carl Kress, Dick McDunough, George Van Eps, and Allan Reuss in addition to beats by Freddie Green and single note lines by Charlie Christian.

Falty, Alexandre Abdoulaev, Mike Scoglio, and Joe Brotherton are joined by vocalist Alexandra Palting at Chevy Chase Ballroom in a show produced by Gottaswing. Gottaswing is America’s largest exclusively swing dance instruction and dance event promotion company.

Falty & the Defects are playing last Mondays at Chevy Chase Ballroom, courtesy of Gottaswing. (The band also is booked for Monday, Feb. 27.) Tickets are available at the door.

Falty & the Defects
Chevy Chase Ballroom
Monday, Jan. 30
Show @9pm
All ages

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