Home Live Review Don’t Miss: Kino Kimono @ Not My Inauguration Fest, 1/20-1/21/17

Don’t Miss: Kino Kimono @ Not My Inauguration Fest, 1/20-1/21/17

Don’t Miss: Kino Kimono @ Not My Inauguration Fest, 1/20-1/21/17

Kino Kimino_photo credit Thomas Ignatius_3 hi res
Kino Kimino (Photo by Thomas Ignatius)

Kino Kimono kicked off a brief March to Washington tour to support Planned Parenthood, and the group visits DC on Saturday to play as a headliner for Not My Inauguration Fest at the 16th Street House in DC.

Over the summer, Brooklyn singer Kim Talon released her first album as Kino Kimono, teaming up with Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth to record 10 songs on the record, Bait Is for Sissies, published by Ghost Ramp (a label owned by Wavves). On tour, Kim is joined by Tarra Thiessen on guitar (Sharkmuffin, Ex-Girlfriends) and Jordyn Blakely on drums (Stove, Jackal Onassis).

Watch the official music video for “Passion” by Kino Kimino on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPcE6WShB74]

In a statement, Kim talked about the importance of this March to Washington tour, saying, “The upcoming inauguration still seems surreal to me. I can’t believe the rate at which our society is accelerating backwards. Every morning I pinch myself, struggling to get a hold of our new reality, and then ask myself, what actions can I take to slow this catastrophic landslide? As a woman, especially, our current political climate is heartbreaking. It’s impossible to fully grasp how we’ve come this far only to be on the brink of losing so much.”

Of course, The Women’s March on Washington happens on Saturday, but the Not My Inauguration Fest works nicely around its schedule. Here is the full lineup for the Not My Inauguration Fest:


7-7:15pm Andrew Works
7:45-8pm Andrew Works
8:30-9pm Kate Faust
9:30-10pm Saw Black
10:30-11pm Lee Taylor

6-7pm Elizabeth II
7-7:45pm Kid Claws
8-8:30pm Solace Sovay
9-9:30pm Lisa Said
10-10:30pm Oh He Dead
11-11:30pm Olivia & the Mates


6:30-6:45pm Jasmine Gillison
7:15-7:30pm Jasmine Gillison
8-9pm War on Women workshop / acoustic performance
9:30-10pm Handsome Hound
10:30-11pm lowercase letters

6-6:30pm Mountain Jew
6:45-7:15pm FuzzQueen
7:30-8pm Menage a Garage
9-9:30pm Thrust Club
10-10:30pm Kino Kimino
11-11:30pm Go Cozy

All proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center. You can pay at the door. RSVP on Facebook (not required).

Kino Kimono (and many others)
Not My Inauguration Fest
16th Street House
Friday, Jan. 20-Saturday, Jan. 21 (Concerts)
Show @ 6:30/6pm
$5 suggested donation
All ages


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