Don’t Miss: Darkest Hour @ Black Cat, 2/17/17

Darkest Hour by Pete Duvall
Darkest Hour (Photo by Pete Duvall)

DC metalcore quintet Darkest Hour come screaming back into our streaming services with their ninth studio album, Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora on March 10 via Southern Lord Records. In support of the album, Darkest Hour will launch a tour at the Black Cat on Friday, Feb. 17.

The band successfully crowdfunded the new 12-song album and worked with producer Kurt Ballou in his Godcity Studio. Check out the results with the first single from the new album. Listen to “Knife in the Safe Room” by Darkest Hour on YouTube:

John Henry (vocals), Mike Schleibaum (guitar), Mike Carrigan (guitar), Travis Orbin (drums), and Aaron Deal (bass) are very excited about the new album.

“Working at Godcity was the perfect vibe for this record and Kurt was everything we could have asked for in a producer,” said Mike Schleibaum in a statement. “The passion and experience he brought to the whole album really shows.”

While working with Kurt, Darkest Hour reconnected with Greg Anderson of Sunn O))) and decided to release the album on his label Southern Lord Records. Greg was happy to work with Darkest Lord again, saying, “Southern Lord is beyond stoked to be working with long time favorites Darkest Hour on their upcoming album! Their tasteful, seamless fusion of hardcore and metal as well as never ending dedication to underground music is both admirable and praiseworthy.”

Buy your tickets online.

Darkest Hour
w/ Ringworm, Rotten Sound
Black Cat
Friday, Feb. 17
Doors @8pm
All ages

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