Snapshots: Holygram @ Wave Gotik Treffen (Leipzig, Germany) — 6/5/17

Holygram @ WGT 2017Holygram performs at Wave Gotik Treffen 2017. (Photo by Paivi)

The annual Wave Gotik Treffen music festival in in Leipzig, Germany, was certainly a terrific showcase for established bands of goth/post-punk/alternative leanings but it also proved to be a great opportunity for new bands to emerge before big audiences as well.

Case in point: Holygram from Cologne, Germany, who released their self-titled debut EP on Feb. 17 via Reptile Music. Parklife DC photographer Paivi caught the band in action on June 5.

Holygram say they walk the line between new wave, post-punk, and Kraut with their debut EP, which included five original songs and four remixes. Watch the official music video for “Still There” by Holygram on YouTube:


The band have quite an active schedule in Germany for the rest of the year, so be sure to catch them if you’re there. Meanwhile, below are some pictures of Holygram performing at Wave Gotik Treffen on June 5, 2017. All photos copyright and courtesy of Paivi.

For more information on Wave Gotik Treffen, visit the excellent English language guide to Wave Gotik Treffen at as well as the official festival website at The Wave Gotik Treffen organizers have already announced the dates for the next edition of the festival on May 18-21, 2018, in Leipzig, Germany. Tune into the website to keep track of developments and band announcements for next year.

Holygram @ WGT 2017 Holygram @ WGT 2017
Holygram @ WGT 2017 Holygram @ WGT 2017

Holygram @ WGT 2017 Holygram @ WGT 2017
All photos by Paivi

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