Don’t Miss: A. Savage @ DC9, 11/10/17

A. Savage (Photo by Vince McLelland)

Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts released Thawing Dawn, his debut solo album as “A. Savage,” on Oct. 13 via Dull Tools. He’s taken his new songs on the road, and he performs locally at DC9 on Friday, Nov. 10.

Recently, Andrew previewed “Ladies from Houston,” the first single from the album.

“I wrote ‘Ladies from Houston’ after going to a small gathering of friends. We were at the house of our friend’s father, who had just died, and he had just finished selling off most of his dad’s possessions so he could sell the house. Some stuff we broke. But a collection of erotica and photographs remained, and we all began sorting through it. This investigation set off a string of stories that went on late into the night. We all learned something about everyone else. The words are based on the stories told that night,” Andrew said of the song.

Listen to “Ladies from Houston” by Andrew Savage on Soundcloud:

Praising the new album for Pitchfork, Stuart Berman wrote, “With Parquet Courts, Savage has mastered the art of both oblique songs that prove deeply resonant, and songs that are so literal, they’re confounding. Certainly, Thawing Dawn finds Savage singing more openly and intimately about love and relationships in quieter, more rustic settings, his main band’s frantic post-punk pulse massaged into gentle piano rolls and gorgeous pedal-steel sweeps.”

See the results for yourself. Buy your tickets online.

A. Savage
w/ Jack Cooper (Ultimate Painting)
Friday, Nov. 10
Doors @ 6:30
All ages

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