Snapshots: Roger Daltrey @ Wolf Trap — 6/10/18

daltrey_DS307411_20180610Roger Daltrey performs at Wolf Trap on June 10, 2018. (Photo by Jason Nicholson)

In 1969, The Who released a masterwork — the impressive rock opera Tommy. It’s a musical revue that has withstood the test of time — and now nearly 50 years after its initial release, singer Roger Daltrey has come to Wolf Trap to perform the show in its entirety.

Sir Roger stormed through 27 songs, including 24 highlights from Tommy alongside a few other tunes, on Sunday, June 10, and he’s set to do it again tonight, Tuesday, July 12. Grab a last-minute ticket and go if you’re not already heading there! As our pictures attest, you won’t regret it.

Standing firmly in the middle of the stage, surrounded by his touring band, Roger emoted throughout the songs of Tommy, most notably “Pinball Wizard,” “I’m Free,” and “See Me, Feel Me,” each of which sent electricity through the crowd. Roger’s voice was powerful and sold as he belted his lyrics with tremendous energy.

To top it off, Roger added a few signature favorites by The Who to the end of his set, capping the show with the anthemic “Who Are You” and bandmate Pete Townshend’s synth odyssey “Baba O’Riley.”

Roger closed the show with “Always Heading Home,” an original song from his 10th solo album, As Long as I Have You, released on June 1 via Polydor. If you don’t catch Roger at Wolf Trap, see him as he works his way across the United States in dates throughout June, July, August. Visit for details.


It’s a Boy
Amazing Journey
Eyesight to the Blind
Cousin Kevin
The Acid Queen
Do You Think It’s Alright?
Fiddle About
Pinball Wizard
There’s a Doctor
Go to the Mirror!
Tommy Can You Hear Me?
Smash the Mirror
I’m Free
Miracle Cure
Sally Simpson
Tommy’s Holiday Camp
We’re Not Gonna Take It
See Me, Feel Me
Who Are You
Baba O’Riley
Always Heading Home

Here are some pictures of Roger Daltrey performing at Wolf Trap on June 10, 2018. All photos copyright and courtesy of Jason Nicholson.











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