Don’t Miss: Lucy Dacus @ Ottobar, 7/11/18

Lucy Dacus (Photo courtesy Matador Records)

Lucy Dacus released Historian, her second studio album, in March via Matador Records. She’s on tour now with a stop at Ottobar on Wednesday, July 11.

“This is the album I needed to make,” said Lucy, who hails from nearby Richmond, Virginia. “Everything after this is a bonus.”

Lucy elaborated that she thought of how much she loved touring for her debut album, No Burden. “I have this job where I get to talk to people I don’t know every night,” she said. “The next record should be the thing that’s most important to say.”

Watch the official music video for “Addictions” by Lucy Dacus on YouTube:

Critics agree that the album has a lot to say! In a review for Pitchfork, Sasha Geffen said, “Lucy Dacus has a warm, sonorous voice, the kind of voice that rings out like a bugle over dialed-up amps, the kind of voice that can lull you into feeling safe even when she’s singing about heartbreak, abjection, and death.”

Buy your tickets online.

Lucy Dacus
w/ Mothers
Wednesday, July 11
Doors @ 8pm
All ages

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