Home Live Review Don’t Miss: Michelle Malone @ The Birchmere, 8/14/18

Don’t Miss: Michelle Malone @ The Birchmere, 8/14/18

Don’t Miss: Michelle Malone @ The Birchmere, 8/14/18

Michelle Malone (Photo by Clay Miller)

Americana stalwart Michelle Malone released Slings and Arrows, her 15th studio album, in March via her own SBS Records. She arrives at The Birchmere to play songs from throughout her career on Tuesday, Aug. 14, opening Shawn Mullins.

“The past year seemed to alternate between darkness and light,” Michelle said. “It’s kind of been the arc of my life in general, but even more so over the past year. In a very real sense, this album is a microcosm of issues that I’ve rencountered, and in writing this record, it became a kind of therapy. It helped change my perspective, and I suspect that there are messages here that can offer affirmation to others as well.”

Regarding her new song, “Just Getting Started,” she added: “This was written as a catalyst to inspire me to keep on keeping on, not only in music, but also in life in general. The driving beat really wakes me up and gets me moving, and I find strength in the lyrics. These days, more than ever, most of us are looking for additional fortification and inspiration, and music is always a great source for that.”

Watch the official music video for “Just Getting Started” by Michelle Malone on YouTube:

In a review for Blues Blast magazine, Steve Jones raved, “All in all, this is a fine album. Malone is an outstanding singer and her guitar and slide work was impressive. The supporting band also do a great job. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and think most blues fans would find something here to enjoy. It is an upbeat, defiant album done by an artist I’d love to see live!”

You can see her live at The Birchmere! Buy your tickets online.

Michelle Malone
Opening Shawn Mullins
The Birchmere
Tuesday, Aug. 14
Show @ 7:30pm
All ages


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