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Music Park: Neon Gold X (w/ LPX, Broods, Marina) @ Knockdown Center (NYC) — 9/29/18


Marina 25Marina Diamandis performs at the Knockdown Center on Sept. 29, 2018. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Vocalist Lizzy Plapinger, formerly of MS MR and now of LPX, takes DC by storm this weekend, co-curating an all-female lineup for the first day of All Things Go Fall Classic. You can see her at Eaton House Friday, and on stage on Saturday, Oct. 6, at Union Market DC. (Find more details here!)

And Lizzy is also co-founder of Neon Gold Records, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last weekend at the Knockdown Center in Queens, New York City, with a showcase dubbed Neon Gold X. LPX performed there too, and Parklife DC caught her performance along with Broods and Marina (formerly Marina and the Diamonds).

In August, LPX released her most recent single, “Might Not Make It Home,” which she co-wrote with Your Smith (who also appears on Neon Gold). Of the song, Lizzy said: “Everything is so heavy and intense right now I just wanted to briefly escape so I made and lived ‘Might Not Make it Home.’ It’s a love letter to every wild, wonderful and legendary night out I’ve had in New York City, where I’m proud to live. I wanted to bottle up that feeling of freedom, debauchery and harmless recklessness and share it like a sonic shot of The Big Apple with all its pleasures, expected and otherwise.”

With MS MR on a permanent hiatus, Lizzy debuted as LPX in 2017. She then released singles like “Tightrope” before dropping the first LPX EP, Bolt in the Blue, this year.

Those singles and others were well-received at the Knockdown Center, where eager revelers pressed against a small backstage to catch LPX in performance. Lizzy was beaming through the celebratory concert, and she threw herself into the show. Catch her at All Things Go This weekend!

Here are some pictures of LPX performing at the Knockdown Center on Sept. 29, 2018.





Originally from New Zealand, the duo of Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott have become adept at producing slick electropop since their first single, “Bridges” in 2014. As Broods, the sister-brother team most recently released singles “Peach” and “Eyes a Mess” in 2018, heralding an upcoming third album.

At Neon Gold X, Broods tore through roughly 45 minutes of their songs, twirling in lights blue and bright. On the mainstage of the Knockdown Center, Georgia danced along the front of the stage on vocals while Caleb remained shrouded in the back on keyboards.

It was a sight familiar to those of us who have seen Broods on their regular visits to 9:30 Club and elsewhere in DC, and we’re sure to see the siblings again soon. Indeed, with other Neon Gold artists, like St. Lucia and The Knocks, performing at 9:30 Club in the near future, we’ll surely see Broods again in 2019.

Here are some pictures of Broods at the Knockdown Center on Sept. 29, 2018.


Broods03 Broods04

Broods05 Broods06

Broods07 Broods08


Marina Diamandis hadn’t appeared in the United States for three years, since closing the tour for her successful third album, Froot. Marina returned to the spotlight as one of the last acts on Saturday to a big crowd that squealed in delight at her presence. The UK songstress announced on social media that she will henceforth call herself “Marina” rather than “Marina and the Diamonds” for future projects, and she will have something in the works soon, apparently, as she performed a new song at the Knockdown Center! About halfway through a 8-song set, Marina teamed with Georgia Nott to sing “Emotional Machine,” which two wrote together. That experience alone justified the price of admission!

Otherwise, Marina performed terrific selections from her three albums, dating back to “Obsessions,” her very first single recorded for Neon Gold in 2009. Marina also thundered through “Hollywood” from her first album, Family Jewels, and then thrilled with the provocative “Bubblegum Bitch” and “How to Be a Heartbreaker” from her wildly popular second album, Electra Heart, to close her set.

We’ll surely hear more from Marina soon now that she’s back! And here are some pictures of Marina performing at the Knockdown Center on Sept. 29.

Marina 01

Marina 02 Marina 04

Marina 05 Marina 09

Marina 11 Marina 12

Marina 13 Marina 15

Marina 16 Marina 17

Marina 18 Marina 20

Marina 21 Marina 23

Marina 24

Marina 26 Marina 27

Marina 29

The Knocks, St. Lucia, Matt Maeson, Alex Winston, and Your Smith also performed at Neon Gold X! Explore all of the acts on the Neon Gold X 10-year anniversary compilation album.

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