Home Live Review Poll: 2018 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Poll: 2018 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Poll: 2018 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Broke Royals

Parklife DC today announces the best in DC concerts with our inaugural awards program, named for our mascot, DC’s own state bird — the Wood Thrush. Our Thrushie Awards salute bands and venues in line with our mission to review live music concerts.

Congratulations to the 2018 Thrushie Awards winners, several of whom took their top spots from polling ran by Parklife DC over the last half of November.

Without further ado, the winners of the 2018 Thrushie Awards, along with the percentage of the vote they took:

Who is the best local band in DC?

1. Broke Royals, 31%
2. Sol Roots, 18.5%
3. Bacchae, 13%

Congrats to Broke Royals, whose fans turned out in big numbers to put the gents over the top. Stream the self-titled debut album by Broke Royals on Spotify:

What is the best concert venue in DC?

1. City Winery, 60 %
2. 9:30 Club, 13%
3. The Anthem, 5.5%

Congrats to City Winery, which ran a good, clean campaign to take top prize! Check out upcoming concerts at City Winery on its website, and while you’re out it, take a peek at the winery’s winter menu when you’re making plans for dinner.

We salute a good write in campaign by Pie Shop Bar, the upstairs concert venue of Dangerously Delicious Pies. We think you’re going to place strong next year.

And speaking of write-in campaigns, we were pleasantly surprised that the winner of our Best Music Festival Award mounted a successful write-in campaign to take top spot! Congrats, Appaloosa Festival!

What is the best music festival in DC?

1. Appaloosa Music Festival, 32%
2. ShamrockFest, 22%
3. DC Rocks Music Festival, 14.5%

Appaloosa Music Festival took place Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 31 – Sept. 2) at Skyline Ranch Resort in Front Royal, Virginia. The three-day fest is located just five miles from the entrance of Skyline Drive and George Washington National Forest. The grounds provide the perfect backdrop for a roots music camping experience in the Shenandoah Valley.

The festival founders, brothers Dan and Alexander Fedoryka, are better known as DC’s own Scythian! Appaloosa programs rising stars in bluegrass, Americana, and Celtic music. Make plans to attend Appaloosa Festival 2019 next summer, and bookmark the festival’s website in the meantime.

Congrats again to our winners, and Parklife DC looks forward to a more expansive edition of the Thrushie Awards in 2019! Stay tuned for more information.



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