Preview: Kasey Chambers @ The Birchmere, 2/5/19

Kasey Chambers
Kasey Chambers (Photo courtesy the artist)

Australian country singer-songwriter Kasey Chambers released Campfire, her 12th studio album, in April via Warner Bros. She’s on tour again with a visit to The Birchmere on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

On her latest album, Kasey teamed up with a trio called the Fireside Disciples, consisting of guitarist Brandon Dodd, Kasey’s father Bill Chambers, and Yawuru elder Alan Pigram.

Kasey explained what inspired the album: “I grew up in the remote outback of Australia living a unique lifestyle isolated from civilisation. The campfire was the heart of our existence: for survival, creativity, inspiration. We hunted all our own food and then cooked it on the campfire. My brother and I did all our schooling via correspondence around the campfire. We used the campfire for warmth and light. We gathered around the campfire at night to play songs together as a family. Our connection to music and the land has developed through and around the campfire since I was born, so it has always stayed with me as a special part of my life.”

Watch the official music video for “The Campfire Song” by Kasey Chambers and the Fireside Disciples on YouTube:

In a review of Campfire for AllMusic, Mark Deming hails Kasey as “willful.”

“The arrangements are often whisper quiet but the performances are full of subtle strength, and the lack of electricity does nothing to dull the passion of the delivery,” Mark wrote, adding, “regardless of the themes, she sounds perfectly authentic, strong of spirit but hardly immune to the weaknesses of human existence.”

Buy your tickets online.

Kasey Chambers
w/ Carly Burruss
The Birchmere
Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019
Show @ 7:30pm
All ages

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