Live Review: Lords of Acid @ Baltimore Soundstage — 3/15/19

Lords of Acid 1 Lords of Acid perform at Baltimore Soundstage on March 15, 2019. (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Belgian/American group Lords of Acid brought their odd blend of electronic/dance/acid house/hard rock/industrial music to Baltimore Soundstage recently. I was there to photograph the show!

Lords of Acid were the headliners for this concert event, billed as the Pretty in Kink Tour. This tour was in support of their latest studio album also called Pretty in Kink. Lords of Acid have taken electronic rock band Orgy out on the road with them for this tour alongside an entire lineup that resembles a circus sideshow of acid heads, junkies, strippers, sexual deviants, and musical freaks. Lords of Acid’s newest record is a best of album featuring material from their debut album Lust and songs with their new singer Marieke Bresseleers.   

Stream Pretty in Kink by Lords of Acid on Spotify:

Led by Belgian musician Praga Khan, Lords of Acid have firmly held their place as one of the most innovative and influential acid house groups ever. With songs like “I Sit on Acid,” “Rough Sex,” “Lets Get High,” “I Must Increase My Bust,” “Marijuana in Your Brain,” and “LSD = Truth,” it’s hard for me not to be instinctively drawn to the world of “sex, drugs, and rock n roll” that Lords of Acid smash over your head during their performances. It’s part love-bombing and part riot inciting. It’s a limit-pushing, and somewhat dark and disturbing, psychedelic journey of peace, love, chaos, and musical explorations of the subconscious mind.

Lords of Acid played a healthy mix of songs off their ’90s albums Lust, Voodoo-U, and Our Little Secret. They also played some of their ’00s material and a few deep cuts to the ecstasy of the audience.

Fans of many genres of music were in attendance for this live music extravaganza. Lords of Acid appeal to a wide range of music lovers. The highly anticipated Pretty in Kink Tour 2019 also featured live performances by Gabriel and The Apocalypse, Little Miss Nasty, Genitorturers, and Orgy. Whoa. This show was definitely not for children or the faint of heart. The concert featured some hardcore imagery — and at times is basically a goth-ish strip show. All of these artists, but most notably Lords of Acid, appeal to such a wide range of concert goers due to their unique and pioneering blend of musical styles, and their fun-loving/uplifting/sex-having, drug-taking image.

You’re not going to want to sleep on this event folks. The Pretty in Kink Tour 2019 won’t last much longer. Come on out and let your freak flag fly! Here are some pictures of Lords of Acid performing at Baltimore Soundstage on March 15, 2019. All images copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson.

Lords of Acid 2
Lords of Acid 3
Lords of Acid 4
Lords of Acid 5
Lords of Acid 6
Lords of Acid 7
Lords of Acid 8
Lords of Acid 9
Lords of Acid 10
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Lords of Acid 12
Lords of Acid 13
Lords of Acid 14
Lords of Acid 15
Lords of Acid 16
Lords of Acid


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