Home Live Review Live Review: Baroness @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 4/10/19

Live Review: Baroness @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 4/10/19

Live Review: Baroness @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 4/10/19

Baroness 1 Baroness performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on April 10, 2019. (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Baroness played an impressive high-energy set at The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD recently, and I was fortunate enough to be there to catch some of the action.

On April 10, Baroness played The Fillmore as a part of their co-headlining Spring tour with Deafheaven. Baroness steamrolled the audience and played a flawless kick ass set of proggy/psychedelic fan faves, and the band also played a couple songs off their soon to be released studio album Gold & Grey (which is out on June 14).

Watch the official music video for “Borderlines” by Baroness on YouTube:

Baroness were a lot of fun to watch perform and I was honestly blown away by how well all the musicians played together live. I really like Baroness; however, this was the first time I had ever seen them perform live. This band is a well-oiled metal machine. They rock, hard. They were intensely playing their hearts out and having fun doing so.

The energy and positive vibes emanating from Baroness were contagious. The audience was smiling and rocking along with Baroness without a care in the world it seemed. All instrumentation was jaw-dropping — fucking killer drumming and guitar playing! Not too mention the vocals and harmonies within Baroness are not to be ignored or written-off. The mix of male and female vocals really put Baroness in a league of their own in my opinion. I see lots of bands with great guitar players, but not too many with great guitar players, bassists, drummers, and singers. Bravo!

Songs Baroness played that stood out to me included “Morningstar,” “March to the Sea,” “Chlorine & Wine,” “Borders,” “Eula,” “Shock Me,” and “Take My Bones Away.” These songs not only stood out to me,but the crowd of fans were losing their minds during these particular songs. It was a great experience.

If you haven’t heard or seen Baroness, and you consider yourself a fan of rock music and great live music, then you best get your ass in gear and check this band out before the summer is over. Honestly, Baroness played one of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen at The Fillmore Silver Spring. I’ll personally be buying a copy of their new record Gold & Grey this June and will also be purchasing the rest of their albums on vinyl as well.

Here are some photos of Baroness performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on April 10, 2019. All images are copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson.

Baroness 2

Baroness 3

Baroness 4

Baroness 5

Baroness 6

Baroness 7

Baroness 8

Baroness 9

Baroness 10

Baroness 11

Baroness 12

Baroness 13

Baroness 14

Baroness 15

Baroness 16

Baroness 17

Baroness 18



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