Home Local Spotlight News: Priests Call It Quits (@ Rough Trade NYC, 12/31/19)

News: Priests Call It Quits (@ Rough Trade NYC, 12/31/19)

News: Priests Call It Quits (@ Rough Trade NYC, 12/31/19)

Priests (Photo by Drew Hagelin)

DC post-punk group Priests will go on permanent hiatus, the band announced on Facebook today. Priests will perform one last show at Rough Trade NYC on New Year’s Eve.

The Katie Greer-fronted band posted the following message on the social media platform shortly before noon:

“After lots of thinking and talking about it, we have decided to take a break from Priests. We aren’t in a place to write another album together right now, and feel like each of us would be better served pursuing individual projects separately for the time being. We’ve come to this decision collectively and feel really good about it. We’re looking forward to being friends and partners in Sister Polygon Records, and not bandmates for a while. We’re not closing off the option of playing together in the future at some point if it feels right, but not for the foreseeable future.

“This New Year’s Eve show Rough Trade NYC will be our last show for now. We want to thank all of you who have been on this journey with us. You’ve stood by us during some really hard times and your support and belief in our music helped us hold it together when we weren’t sure we could. We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished together and so incredibly grateful to the team we’ve worked with over the years. Priests has never been simply the four of us playing on stage; it is very much an ecosystem of human interdependence.

“This is a change that feels right for us, like the best way to honor all the work we’ve done and the support our fans have given our band. To keep going when our heads and hearts are not in the place to do so feels like a disservice to the band and all the people that have helped us along the way. So instead, we’ll bid a very warm and celebratory farewell as this decade ends, and welcome whatever the next chapter may bring each of us together and separately.

“In gratitude and immense love,

Watch the official music video for “Seduction of Kansas” by Priests on YouTube:

Parklife DC looks forward to the next steps for the brilliant Katie Greer, formidable surf guitarist Gideon Jaguar, and indomitable drummer Daniele Daniele.

Give them a proper send off at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade on Dec. 31?

Buy your tickets online.

w/ Knife Wife
Rough Trade NYC
Tuesday, Dec. 31
Doors @ 9pm


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