Home Live Review Live Review: Echosmith @ 9:30 Club — 2/12/20

Live Review: Echosmith @ 9:30 Club — 2/12/20

Live Review: Echosmith @ 9:30 Club — 2/12/20

EchosmithBW27 Echosmith performs at 9:30 Club on Feb. 12, 2020. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

A swell of youthful concertgoers crowded 9:30 Club recently to dance the night away with Echosmith, as the California trio introduced their appealing new album, Lonely Generation, to them.

On Feb. 12, Echosmith filed onto stage to open the show with “Love You Better” with brothers Graham Sierota on drums and Noah Sierota on bass. After laying down an opening instrumental, their sister Sydney Sierota bounded onto stage to sing, eliciting squeals of glee from the audience.

Sydney prowled the stage apron, shaking her hips and singing to the audience as if she was holding a conversation directly with them. The resulting performance revealed her to be a very open vocalist with no pretense. Sydney’s earnestness held a great deal of appeal for the audience, who knew Echosmith wasn’t there to grandstand or put on airs. Rather, the siblings got down to the business of playing music and playing it well. In some ways, it was if your favorite national touring band were playing in your living room, except your living room is the 9:30 Club.

Seven years passed before Echosmith published a second album — in January via their own Echosmith Music LLC — and Sydney explained during the show that she and her brothers took the time to make the album as personal and good as possible rather than rushing into more material too quickly. But Echosmith were far from maudlin when singing about this maturity. Their show remained as buoyant as the giant confetti-filled balloons that bounced around stage, waiting to be popped by Sydney and shower ticker tape onto the audience below.

At the midpoint of the show, Echosmith played “Everyone Cries,” a cover of a tune by Australian pop duo For King and Country, which they recorded for Lonely Generation. The ballad seemed to capture the spirit of the trio, who were keen to explore personal growth alongside a yearning for those things not yet achieved.

Stream Lonely Generation by Echosmith on Spotify:

Interestingly, Echosmith didn’t dwell much on their debut album, 2013’s Talking Dreams, other than to play the records two biggest numbers — dropping “Bright” in the first half of the show and returning to the stage for a one-song encore of “Cool Kids.” Echosmith were chirpy and upbeat for “Cool Kids,” which inspired clapping and singing along in the audience.

For more Echosmith, visit the band’s website. 

Here are some photos of Echosmith performing at 9:30 Club on Feb. 12, 2020.


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