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Preview: Broke Royals @ Pie Shop, 2/22/20

Preview: Broke Royals @ Pie Shop, 2/22/20

Broke Royals
Broke Royals (Photo courtesy the band)

Broke Royals continue their creative streak with a release of a new single, “Love & Tatters,” from their 2019 album Saint Luxury. The DC heartland rockers perform at Pie Shop on Saturday, Feb. 22.

On their triumphant new album Saint Luxury, Broke Royals called everything into question through the eyes of a runaway angel. The album’s fictional heroine, Saint Luxury, leaves heaven, tired of being fed all the “answers,” in pursuit of a life of questions, luxury, and champagne.

Concept albums are a massive undertaking that most bands avoid. But on their second record, DC’s Broke Royals had a story to tell — a big one — and knew they either had to go for broke or let that story go. There was no middle lane. To tapdance around the epic of Saint Luxury’s fall to Earth was to do her and her delinquent but determined cast of cast-offs so wrong.

So, Broke Royals Philip Basnight and Colin Cross threw themselves headlong into this world and the lives of its unsung, unnoticed heroes. With their combined songwriting and studio chops, they’ve created a rock ‘n’ roll headrush that’s just one all-or-nothing anthem after another.

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“Love & Tatters” lands a dynamite haymaker of a drumbeat on you right out of the gate, soon joined by an ethereal loop and chiming guitar that set the stage for a love story that’s messy, misguided, and most of all real. It’s a rock anthem that drives like it’s trying to escape its fate.

In the song’s video, Broke Royals’ go-to director Scott Hansen, responsible for the visuals behind “Bad Chemicals,” “Higher,” and “As Long As I Can See,” intercuts otherworldly love story with dramatic shots of the band rocking it out in a very Anywhere, USA, setting that feels grounded, serene, the perfect contrast to the fantasy unfolding. Whether you’ve found love, lost love, or have yet even to find it on a map, the ending of “Love & Tatters” is going to stick with you.

Watch the official music video for “Love & Tatters” by Broke Royals on YouTube:

The Washington Post hailed Saint Luxury as “an album of pristine pop-rock.” No Depression gave the Saint Luxury LP 8 out of 10 stars. And of course Broke Royals took top honors as Best DC Band in Parklife DC’s own inaugural Thrushie Awards.

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Broke Royals
w/ Not Your Groupies, Luke James Shaffer
Pie Shop
Saturday, Feb. 22
Doors @ 7:30pm


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