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Live Review: Jasiah @ Songbryd Music House — 2/15/20


Jasiah performs at Songbyrd Music House on Feb. 15, 2020. (Photo by Shedrick Pelt)

On any given day, surrounding yourself with people who love and support your art will make even your wildest dreams seem attainable. That love can nurture your creativity and make even your darkest fantasies come true.

On Feb. 15 at Songbyrd Music House, Malachi-Phree Jasiah, or just Jasiah, gave us a show to remember. The energy in the sold-out basement venue was electric.

Far from his hometown of Dayton, Ohio, the screamo punk rapper, with dark aggressive bars and distorted beats, spent the night collecting heads and opening up pits. A cloud of steam hovered over the crowd, from the sweaty moshing bodies, fogging up every lens I pulled out of my bag.

Rapping word for word with Jasiah, a classically trained opera singer, the crowd didn’t miss a beat. And humbled words of appreciation, from Jasiah in-between each record, had the young ladies in the room swooning.

Watch the official music video for “Crisis” by Jasiah on YouTube:

As he gears up for a huge 2020, you could definitely say Jasiah is in the throes of his moment.

Below are images from a vocally disturbed night on tour with Jasiah at Songbyrd Music House on Feb. 15, 2020. All images and words copyright and courtesy of Shedrick Pelt (www.sdotpdotmedia.com)



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