Home Preview Stream Preview: Knotfest Online @ Knotfest.com, 4/10/20

Stream Preview: Knotfest Online @ Knotfest.com, 4/10/20

Stream Preview: Knotfest Online @ Knotfest.com, 4/10/20

Knotfest (Photo courtesy Cosa Nostra PR)

The heavy metal festival Knotfest has taken on many forms. Created by Slipknot in 2012, Knotfest originated as a destination festival taking place over the course of a few days. Later iterations of the festival took it to various countries around the world, and even teamed up with Ozzfest along the way.

With the entire globe in social isolation, Knotfest has gone online every Friday, including Friday, April 10, via Knotfest.com.

Last year, the guys from Slipknot created the Knotfest Roadshow, traveled across North America bringing hard rock and heavy metal to the masses. And later this year different iterations of Knotfest are expected to hit the United Kingdom, North America, and even hit the open seas on the very first Knotfest At Sea cruise.

But with all of the postponements and cancellations of concerts due to the coronavirus, the Knotfest crew has had to get even more creative, and recently launched a series of livestream concerts on their website. Every Friday afternoon, on Knotfest.com and the Knotfest YouTube channel, some of metals greatest acts will show a live performance from their past.

The series kicked off two weeks ago with Lamb Of God’s 2019 performance from Resurrection Festival in Spain, and then was followed up this past Friday with Megadeth’s 2018 concert from Resurrection Festival. Both concerts premiered at 3pm ET, and new shows will continue go up every Friday.

Watch Megadeth live at Resurrection Fest 2018 in Viviero, Spain, from 2018:

Even if you are no longer going into the office every day, it still helps to kick off the weekend in a good way. Checking out some of the metal community’s greatest acts can certainly help set the tone for a great weekend.

With Lamb of God and Megadeth, Virtual Knotfest has been going strong! Who will Knotfest feature this week? Tune into Knotfest.com to find out.

Friday, April 10
Show @ 3pm ET
All ages


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