Home Live Review Preview: Vinyl Nation @ Brown Paper Tickets, 4/18 + 4/19/20

Preview: Vinyl Nation @ Brown Paper Tickets, 4/18 + 4/19/20

Preview: Vinyl Nation @ Brown Paper Tickets, 4/18 + 4/19/20

Songbyrd Music House (Photo by Ben Eisendrath/ Instagram+Twitter: Insomnigraphic/ GrillworksBen)

To help record stores during these challenging times and closures due to COVID-19, the documentary Vinyl Nation presents a one-time special online screening of the film in association with Record Store Day on Saturday, April 18, and Sunday, April 19.

All ticket proceeds go to local record stores, including Songbyrd Music House in DC, participating in this special screening.

The upcoming documentary Vinyl Nation is a deep dig into the crates of the vinyl record resurgence to discover what an old technology says about our relationship to music and each other in a divided time in America, directed by Kevin Smokler and Christopher Boone.

No one has seen Vinyl Nation yet! You will be the first audience to get a chance to see our documentary dig into the record resurgence here in America!

Watch the official trailer for Vinyl Nation on Vimeo:


The link used to buy tickets allows Brown Paper Tickets to track a ticket purchase directly back to your local record store, and your local record store will receive the full $10 face value from your individual ticket purchase. 100% of the face value of your ticket purchase goes straight to your local record store!

This special screening of Vinyl Nation will be available digitally from 12 midnight ET Saturday, April 18, through 11:59 PM PT Sunday, April 19.

Support Songbyrd Music House! Rent Vinyl Nation on April 18 or 19.

Vinyl Nation
Record Store Day Screening
Brown Paper Tickets
Saturday, April 18
Sunday, April 19
92 min
13+ suggested


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