Livestream Preview: Technophobia @ Twitch, 5/31/20

Technophobia (Photo courtesy the band)

DC dark electronic duo Technophobia were set to perform at Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany this year before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world. Undaunted, Technophobia performs a livestream show at the exact time they were to play WGT — on Sunday, May 31, via Twitch.

“We’re stoked to be playing two more new songs from our forthcoming album in addition to some songs from Flicker Out. Mark your calendars and spread the word!” said Steve and Katie Petix on Facebook.

Stream Flicker Out by Technophobia on Spotify:

Hailing from Washington, DC, Technophobia is a national touring band that has emerged with a sound that reaches back to the early days of EBM and darkwave, yet continually pushes forward. Using hardware and analog synthesizers, Katie and Stephen use a classic approach of layering, sound manipulation, effect processing, and heavy sampling to create their unique sound. The keystone and defining quality of Technophobia’s sound is Katie’s vocals. While being melodic, powerful, and poetic, they take a pop-centric approach to their songwriting, setting them apart from most in their genre.

Technophobia is a powerful live act. Mixing their sound with visuals and lighting, they create an atmosphere that matches the intensity of their performance. Technophobia has had the good fortune of play with some of the most seminal bands in their genre: Skinny Puppy, Laibach, Cold Cave, Youth Code, Crash Course in Science, Johnathan Davis, and Douglas McCarthy.

Technophobia will release the band’s new full-length LP in 2020 on Working Order Records.

Follow Technophobia on Twitch!

Sunday, May 31
Show @ 4pm ET
Donations welcome
All ages

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