Home Preview Livestream Preview: Cowboy Mouth @ YouTube, 6/5/20

Livestream Preview: Cowboy Mouth @ YouTube, 6/5/20

Livestream Preview: Cowboy Mouth @ YouTube, 6/5/20

Cowboy Mouth
Cowboy Mouth (Photo by Darren Fazio)

Alt rockers Cowboy Mouth perform appear on YouTube on Friday, June 5, for a livestream concert featuring tracks off the band’s new EP Open Wide and classic Cowboy Mouth songs.

The rock and roll road life is a hard and unforgiving mistress. Onstage giving it all you’ve got night after night, eating double Baconaters way too often, riding in a van anywhere from two to 16 hours at a stretch. Most who try this line of work barely get their feet wet before running home to mommy, and those who actually do such a life for years often come home shells of themselves.

HOWEVER… there are the grand road dog exceptions, men unexplainable by science, like Fred LeBlanc, who for 30 years (you heard me) has been the drummer, lead singer, front man, evangelist, drill sergeant and designated crowd surfer for Cowboy Mouth — one of the most powerful, durable, and consistently entertaining rock and roll bands out there. They’ve been in the saddle for thirty years, have played over 3,500 shows, and Fred, John, Brian and Matt have not withered like saplings; they’re mighty oaks now.

Watch a promotional video for Cowboy Mouth on Vimeo:

It has been said that on a bad night Cowboy Mouth can do little more than blow the roof off, and on a good night they’ll save your soul. That’s as true in 2020 as it was when they first burst out of New Orleans in 1990 and tickled the Top 40 with “Jenny Says.”

With Fred’s drums front and center, he summons the breath and power to both beat the holy hell out of the skins with a totally credible swinging rock and roll groove, while simultaneously roaring full-chested barrelhouse vocals like a hybrid of Bruce Springsteen and Vince Lombardi, punctuating his delivery with bellows of “are you WITH MEEEE?!?!” It’s enough of a compliment simply to say that the rest of the band are themselves powerful enough to both back up and indeed spur on such a dynamic larger-than-life personality as Fred LeBlanc. As great as their records are, the ferocious live show must be seen to fully experience the undying appeal that is Cowboy Mouth.

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Cowboy Mouth
Friday, June 5
Show @ 8:30pm ET
All ages


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