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Song of the Day: “I’m Always” by iAN Ottaway


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iAN Ottaway (Photo courtesy Revvolt Records)

You may not recognize the name iAN Ottaway (that’s EYE-an) but he’s spent a lifetime with some of the most incredible musicians and artists of the past few decades. He’s hung out with Jeff Buckley. He runs the Ask iAN page for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. He’s been friends with Mark Lanegan for almost 30 years. And that’s just the start.

That friendship with Mark Lanegan resulted in a track iAN has recently released called “I’m Always.”

iAN is an established poet but he recently decided to focus on writing his first full length album. He wrote this song and sent it to Mark for his thoughts. In iAN’s own words, “What Mark came up with was so simple, it was perfect.”

iAN Ottaway2

Watch the official music video for “I’m Always” by iAN Ottaway featuring Mark Lanegan on YouTube:

If you are familiar with Mark Lanegan, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or Jeff Buckley, the song might be a bit surprising. There’s a lot more electronica than guitar. To get the song to match the music he had envisioned, iAN traveled to Austria to meet up with his longtime friend, Matt Boroff. Matt experience with electronic music gave iAN the sound he was searching for.

Keep an eye out for iAN’s album, Roll With the Damned, with more information on Facebook.


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