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Song of the Day: “Underneath” by Gracie and Rachel

Song of the Day: “Underneath” by Gracie and Rachel

Gracie and Rachel 2
Gracie and Rachel (Photo by Tonje Thilesen)

Gracie and Rachel announce their hotly anticipated sophomore album Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong, a cathartic near-psychological sonic exploration through the mind that will be released September 18th via Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records.

The alchemic pairing of keyboardist-vocalist Gracie Coates and violinist Rachel Ruggles celebrate the announcement with the release of the compelling visual companion to album cut, “Underneath.”

The video finds the duo (who FLAUNT call “the epitome of harmonious duality”) stripping away layer upon layer until they are down to their exposed bare essence; each article of clothing representing the superficial narratives that falsely define who we think we’re supposed to be, covering up the core of our existences.

“Making this record was equal parts frustrating and fulfilling,” said Gracie about the creation of the album. “We had to ask each other some tough questions, let go of our egos in the process of answering those questions, and find the ways in which our weaknesses can give us strength. We pushed one another to keep going when we weren’t sure we could, and we tried to stay steadfast in that mission.”

Watch the official music video for “Underneath” by Gracie and Rachel on YouTube:

Rachel said, “This record helped us get through our relationship, our counterproductive internal dialogues and our subsequent stunted output, and it truly guided us in these ways to be more open. The record really knows a lot more about communication and perseverance than we do, and for that we’re so grateful.”

Balancing starkness with ornateness, dark with light, beautiful freedom with crippling fear, and universal clarity with vulnerable specificity, Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong is a collection forged in the fires of personal growth that rings clearly with an overarching message of empowerment. Over the 10 tracks, strings swirl and pop with pizzicato accents, vocals weave together with angelic harmony, and ethereal melodies carry lyrics which read like a poetic exorcism.

Visit Gracie and Rachel’s website for more music!


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