Home Preview Livestream Preview: Devendra Banhart @ Noon Chorus, 9/23/20

Livestream Preview: Devendra Banhart @ Noon Chorus, 9/23/20

Livestream Preview: Devendra Banhart @ Noon Chorus, 9/23/20

Devendra Banhart (Photo courtesy the artist)

Devendra Banhart, the acclaimed Los Angeles-based Venezuelan-American singer-songwriter and visual artist, presents songs from his albums What Will We Be and Mala via NoonChorus on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

Devendra, who spent his childhood in Venezuela, has been profoundly affected by the poverty and despair he’s witnessed there. He recorded What Will We Be as his seventh studio album in 2009. He followed that up with Mala in 2013.

“A Devendra Banhart album is akin to an art exhibit of miniatures, the rewards contingent on the viewer’s/ listener’s commitment to exploring each tiny detail in his microcosmic mise-en-scènes. Those rewards here more often are moments of smiling ‘ahhhhs’ than of wide-eyed ‘A-has!'” said The Los Angeles Times.

Watch the official music video for “Baby” from What Will We Be by Devendra Banhart on YouTube:

Devendra Banhart released his most recent album, Ma, in 2019 on Nonesuch Records. This was Devendra’s first album since 2016’s Ape in Pink Marble. Ma, bursting with tender, autobiographical vignettes, displays a shift from the sonic experimentation of his previous albums to an intricate, captivating story-telling and emotional intimacy. Devendra favored organic sounds to accompany his voice and guitar, the arrangements bolstered by strings, woodwinds, brass, and keyboards.

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Devendra Banhart
Livestream from The Broad Museum
Wednesday, Sept. 23
Show @ 9pm
All ages


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