Home Preview Song of the Day: “The Ascent of the Ascended” by Tim Burgess

Song of the Day: “The Ascent of the Ascended” by Tim Burgess

Song of the Day:  “The Ascent of the Ascended” by Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess1
Tim Burgess (Photo by Nik Void)

Having last month announced news of his new 6-track EP, Ascent of the Ascended (out Nov. 27 via Bella Union), Tim Burgess shares a video-of-the year contender for the title track “The Ascent of the Ascended,” directed by Tim Pope.

The video features our hero dressed in à la mode angel garb traversing rough terrain before taking to the skies in a microlight and flying off into the sunset, though no doubt returning home in time to host one of his legendary Twitter listening parties.

Of the track and video, Tim said: “The Ascent of the Ascended – it’s about where we want to be, compared to where we find ourselves and how to bridge that gap. I sent the song to Tim Pope and he said he’d be up for making a video, his ideas really captured the atmosphere. It was quite a moment for me — I am a huge fan of Tim’s. Plus I got to fly and have a set of wings.”

Watch the official music video for “Ascent of the Ascended” by Tim Pope on YouTube:

The Ascent of the Ascended EP contains two superb new tracks, “Yours. To Be”, and “The Ascent of the Ascended”, recorded soon after Tim’s recent solo album was finished, as well as four tracks recorded in NYC back in March as a live session for Paste Magazine. Three of the tracks are from I Love the New Sky alongside a new version of The Charlatan’s classic “The Only One I Know”.

Tim added: “There was an energy that came from recording the album with such a brilliant band — I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to record a bit of a magnum opus, which is where Ascent of the Ascended came in. I’d always wanted to work with Charles Hayward from This Heat, so we have him a ring and he said yeah. With ‘Yours. To Be’ being almost like an instant feeling you get in a moment, very rarely in your life — the two songs are so different but they somehow complement each other. So an EP was the perfect idea. We had so many plans for playing live this year — from South by Southwest to Glastonbury and everything in between. But that wasn’t to be. We played four shows in New York before lockdown happened – so our session for Paste Magazine was such a rare event, we’ve included the songs to complete the EP.”

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