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Song of the Day: “Break Down” by Julian Harper

Song of the Day: “Break Down” by Julian Harper

Julian Harper (Photo courtesy 4AM)

Raised on show tunes and pop, 16-year-old DC native Julian Harper is on the move to release his first single, “Break Down,” off his debut EP, Oversaturated, available Friday, Dec. 4.
This dream-pop anthem is juxtaposed by its lyrics, discussing the common feeling of unbridled loneliness in a fast-paced, racing world.

Julian effortlessly captures his own “Break Down” sonically, in a way that anyone can relate to and experience therapeutically. Writing, singing, and producing original music since he was seven years old, Julian’s musical roots, planted by his mother, draws inspiration from many fellow young songwriters and epitomizes the sound of his generation.

“I am so beyond excited to share my daydreams, worst fears come true, confusion, months of crying myself to sleep every night, and days of thinking I couldn’t do anything, right with you,” Julian said.

Stream “Break Down” by Julian Harper on YouTube:

“Break Down” is just a piece of the puzzle that is Oversaturated, a chronicle of daydreams, worst fears come true, and moments that feel too big to be real.

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