Livestream Preview: Joe Ciccarello @ Songbyrd Music House, 2/19/21

Joe Ciccarello (Photo courtesy Eventbrite)

DC musician Joe Ciccarello writes and performs songs with voice, guitar, bass, drums, violin, mandolin, saxophone, and more! He recently released his debut album, New Life, available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Songbyrd Presents Joe in a livestream from Songbyrd Music House on Friday, Feb. 19!

As Joe says in his bio, “I make music with voice, guitar, bass, drums, violin, mandolin, and more!” Listen to the DC indie rocker yourself to find out more.

Stream New Life by Joe Ciccarello on Bandcamp:

Parklife also enjoyed Joe’s submission for Rhizome DC’s January Art Doulas project, where he was given a prompt: “a trophy that says, ‘you have been selected.'”

You can listen to his response, “You Have Been Selected,” which delivers notes both familiar and new, on YouTube

Buy your tickets online now.

Joe Ciccarello Livestream Songbyrd Music House Friday, Feb. 19 Show @ 8pm ET $5 All ages

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