Home Preview Song of the Day: “Boys Don’t Cry” by NoMBe

Song of the Day: “Boys Don’t Cry” by NoMBe

Song of the Day: “Boys Don’t Cry” by NoMBe

NoMBE and friends (Video still courtesy Press Here Publicity)

Singer, songwriter, and producer NoMBe has released his new single and music video for “Boys Don’t Cry,” the latest track off his highly anticipated sophomore album, CHROMATOPIA, out May 7 via TH3RD BRAIN Records.

Anchored by an other-worldly background of dreamy ethereal synths, layered vocals, and an intoxicating beat, “Boys Don’t Cry” lyrically challenges the stereotypical connotation that men should withhold their emotions.

“‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is about not showing weakness. How our traditional ideas of masculinity expect toughness and always knowing what to do. Literally, the lyrics of the song are about the engines of my spaceship going out and me trying to keep a cool head during this crisis,” NoMBe said. “On a very personal level, the song is about my inability to fix my relationship and not wanting to appear weak. When writing the lyrics, I also imagined a character that wants to appear strong in front of someone who caused them pain. Sort of ‘walking with your head held high’ when you see them with someone new in public,” he adds. “On the production, I took a lot of reference from Daft Punk, 80’s modular music, but even Electric Guest and Queen.”

Watch the official music video for “Boys Don’t Cry” by NoMBe on YouTube:

Offering a sense of catharsis for those who take life too seriously, the music video for “Boys Don’t Cry” provides subtle nods to CHROMATOPIA, a conceptual album that explores how colors imprint different aspects of our lives and lyrically details the internal dialogue of a relationship.

The 14-track, self-produced record features previously released indie-pop bop “Heels” about understanding the pain you caused someone you care for, groovy single “Prototype” touches on admitting your flaws while working on becoming a better version of yourself, breezy dance track “Paint California” which Vulture states “serves up a much-needed dose of vitamin C” is about offering someone the world, while vulnerable single “Weirdo” encourages you to accept your uniqueness which Rolling Stone Australia featured as a Song You Need To Know, calling it “an affecting, dreamy love song” and stated it’s “a testament to NoMBe’s propensity for crafting perfect pop music.”

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