Home Preview Song of the Day: “Shoulders” by Big Thief

Song of the Day: “Shoulders” by Big Thief

Song of the Day: “Shoulders” by Big Thief

Big Thief by Robbie Jeffers
Big Thief (Photo by Robbie Jeffers)

Big Thief have announced a North American Tour and also recently released a live album, Big Thief – Live at The Bunker Studio, including video footage of all the songs.

The bulk of these recordings are culled from 2019’s widely praised Two Hands and UFOF.

Directed by Marisa Gesualdi in November 2019, this collection was originally previewed with live videos of “Not” and “Cattails,” but now the whole session is available to listen to and view. Big Thief’s concerts have long been raved about, and the “Shoulders” performance offers a look into their magical chemistry.

Watch Big Thief perform “Shoulders” live at The Bunker Studio via YouTube:

“[Big Thief] are undeniable greats whose fans show up knowing they’re going to get a unique setlist every time out, wondering which delights their heroes will unearth this time around,” said Stereogum.

Visit Big Thief online for more music!


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