Song of the Day: “Best Life” by Dear Daria

Dear Daria (Photo courtesy the band)

DC indie pop/rock band Dear Daria has been hard at work during the pandemic on their debut record! Get your summer started right; don your shorts and sundresses, roll down the windows, and blast their first single, “Best Life,” on your way to the beach!

Dear Daria is a “choose your own adventure” pop rock band, blending elements of power pop, indie rock, and pop punk. They’ve been compared to Paramore, Rilo Kiley, and The Donnas. This diverse musical melting pot is composed of Eamonn Donnelly on bass, Joshua Hunter on guitar, Maryjo Mattea on vocals, keys and guitar, and Scott Manley on drums.

“Best Life” is a celebration of friendship and a fun and feisty ode to living in the moment. “Sometimes the distance that you’ve traveled can’t be measured out in miles,” Mattea earnestly sings over Hunter’s anthemic guitar, Donnelly’s driving bass, and Manley’s exciting drum beats.

Watch a live in studio performance of “Best Life” by Dear Daria on YouTube:

Dear Daria has yet to perform their first live concert, so be prepared to visit the band’s website for all of the latest info to be one of the first to see them!

Visit Dear Daria online for more music and tour dates!

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