Preview: Nitzer Ebb @ Baltimore Soundstage, 11/20/21

Nitzer Ebb (left to right: David Gooday, Simon Granger, Bon Harris, and Douglas McCarthy) (Photo courtesy the band)

Bon Harris and Douglas McCarthy brought back industrial outfit Nitzer Ebb for a well-received tour in 2019. Now that bands can tour once again post lockdown, Nitzer Ebb have returned! The group hits the road again with a show at Baltimore Soundstage on Saturday, Nov. 20.

In 2018, Nitzer Ebb released a box set including a 11LP colored vinyl edition and a 10LP black vinyl edition. The double-vinyl reissues consisted of each of the group’s five albums for Geffen/Mute with additional bonus material. The box set did not include Industrial Complex, which the band says is readily available elsewhere.

Watch the official music video for “Join in the Chant” by Nitzer Ebb on YouTube:

“The English group have been cranking out slab after slab of propulsive, smashing industrial-punk for 36 years, deftly merging the thumping beat of dance music with the harder edge and venomous political bite of the harder genres,” said Punk News.

Buy your tickets online now!

Nitzer Ebb
W/ Stoneburner, Aertex
Baltimore Soundstage
Saturday, Nov. 20
Doors @ 8pm
All ages

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