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Preview: Rickie Lee Jones @ Rams Head on Stage, 3/1/22

Preview: Rickie Lee Jones @ Rams Head on Stage, 3/1/22

Rickie Lee Jones (Photo by Astor Morgan)

American icon Rickie Lee Jones released a memoir last year, and now she’s on the road performing the songs that made her a part of American rock history. Catch Rickie at Rams Head on Stage on Tuesday, March 1.

Rickie’s acclaimed memoir Last Chance Texaco, released in the spring of 2021, is “as rich and colorful as Jones’ best lyrics,” said The New York Times. “It’s a classically American picaresque tale, a recounting of a life in which she ‘lived volumes’…”

There are few careers that come close to mirroring Rickie Lee Jones’ emancipated and starry flight across our musical skies. The two-time Grammy winner first appeared on the scene in Los Angeles in the mid-1970s, and in her wake came such a wide scope of women, from country, pop and punk. It’s hard to believe she collected and released so many wild icons, but she did. For she was the first of her kind, crooning “My Funny Valentine” in lounge singer heels. She rocked like Mick Jagger and ground her hips like Tina Turner. She was the beginning of the nebulous, ethereal personality-driven voices of women who dominate music today.

Stream “The Last Chance Texaco” by Rickie Lee Jones on YouTube:

In 2019, Rickie released her most recent album, Kicks, a collection of covers to which she imparts “fresh emotional depth,” wrote Mark Deming for AllMusic.

“Like Willie Nelson, Rickie Lee Jones is a singular American songwriter with an eloquent soul and a melodic sense that spans a number of genres. And like Nelson, Jones’ muse seems to visit only so often these days, so a few decades into her career, she often records other people’s songs rather than her own. Like 2012’s The Devil You Know, 2000’s It’s Like This, and 1991’s Pop Pop, Kicks is an album devoted to her interpretations of a variety of rock and pop tunes as well as a few old standards, and even when the material is familiar, Jones inarguably finds something very much her own in this material,” Deming wrote.

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Rickie Lee Jones
Rams Head on Stage
March 1, 2022
Doors @ 7pm


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