Home Live Review Live Review: girl in red @ 9:30 Club — 3/11/22

Live Review: girl in red @ 9:30 Club — 3/11/22

Live Review: girl in red @ 9:30 Club — 3/11/22

girl in red performs at 9:30 Club on March 11, 2022. (Photos by Katie Child)

Bringing a sold-out crowd to the famous 9:30 Club this past Friday evening, was Marie Ulven Ringheim, known on stage as girl in red. Famed for her bedroom pop hits “we fell in love in october,” “bad idea!,” and “girls,” Ringheim seems to touch the most inner sentiments shared amongst her followers. Her songs stem mostly around conflicts regarding romance, as well as tribulations relating to mental illness. Even during first-listens to Marie’s music, her lyricism and alluring melodies are quick to tug on your heartstrings. 

In watching the way Marie and the audience interacted with each other, it became stunningly clear that each uses the other as a sort of personal support. The crowd provided resoundingly passionate echoes of Marie’s lyrics as she barreled around the stage, feeding the energy right back onto the floor of the club. 

Watch girl in red’s official music video for her hit song ”Serotonin” here on YouTube:

The line to get into the club was once again twisted around the perimeter of the building, as I’ve seen it many times before. By the time the show was about four songs deep, the venue was packed. With viewers filling the entirety of the floor, ecstasy was seen on every face in the crowd. The assembly of fans moved and jumped as one, as Marie led them in dancing to her revitalizing setlist, which went as follows:

girl in red Setlist:

  1. You Stupid Bitch
  2. Body and Mind
  3. girls
  4. .
  5. i’ll die anyway.
  6. we fell in love in october
  7. apartment 402
  8. I’ll Call You Mine
  9. hornylovesickmess
  10. Serotonin
  11. bad idea!
  12. 4am
  13. dead girl in the pool.
  14. midnight love
  15. Rue
  16. Did You Come?
  17. i wanna be your girlfriend

I was fortunate enough to spend the first three songs of Marie’s set in the photo pit, getting shots of the band. Her vitality is unmatched. The first three songs on her set were a dream to shoot up close and personal. Each an absolute headbanging earworm, they complemented each other perfectly and kept the energy soaring. 

Listen to girl in red’s most recent album, if i could make it go quiet here on Spotify.

Marie is an insane performer. Not only is she just as talented in person as she is on her studio recorded tracks, but she manages to sound just as on-point while simultaneously doing strides and spins and leaps around the stage. Next time you see Girl in Red circling her way back to DC, be sure to clear your calendar, because you won’t want to miss it. 

Check out more pictures of girl in red performing at 9:30 Club on March 11, 2022. All photos copyright and courtesy of Katie Child.



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