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Preview: Metric @ The Fillmore Silver Spring, 10/22/22

Preview: Metric @ The Fillmore Silver Spring, 10/22/22

Metric (Photo by Justin Broadbent)

Metric released Formentera, its highly anticipated new album, over the summer. The Toronto new wave quartet celebrates now with The Doomscroller Tour, which arrives at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Saturday, Oct. 22.

“For me, aside from the obvious darkness and grief and the many challenges of the past couple years, this was one of the happiest processes of making an album ever,” said Metric frontwoman Emily Haines.

“It ended up being a surreal experience where everyone was in the same room, because the studio is in a converted church and we never built any walls,” said the band’s Jimmy Shaw. “Everything was happening at the same time, recording and editing and conceptualizing and cooking delicious food together to share with a bottle of wine when we finished work for the day… It was a unique recording experience, completely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

Watch the official music video for “False Dichotomy” by Metric on YouTube:

Leading up to the release, the acclaimed Toronto rock band released a number of tracks from the album, including “Doomscroller,” which lends its name to the current tour. The track, which sits at over 10 minutes, is a rollercoaster of emotions, taking the listener through a “high speed chase through the wild terrain of modern life.”

The album Formentera is named for an idyllic island near Ibiza off the coast of Spain — a place which, for Metric, only existed in a “dream destinations” travel book sitting on the desk of their recording studio.

“We had been living in our imaginations for a long time, because we couldn’t physically go anywhere else,” Jimmy said. “When you listen to the album from beginning to end, you start with this immediate feeling of tension building, of being stuck in a loop, and then there’s this intense release that happens… you’re swept off your feet into the title track ‘Formentera’ and it’s like you escaped.”

Emily added, “Even real places become imaginary when they are so far out of reach. Beyond being an actual island, Formentera is about creating an escape for yourself in your mind because you’re powerless over so many things.”

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w/ Secret Machines
The Fillmore Silver Spring
Saturday, Oct. 22
Doors @ 6pm
All ages


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